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Mobile Book and Toy libraries for children in the Overstarnd


“All the flowers of the tomorrows are in the seeds of today”

Indian proverb

Over the past few months we have learned a lot!! 

We have seen that relationships matter, that children possess an intrinsic inner drive to learn and grow even in the most difficult of circumstances, and…  that when we support each other through challenging times, we can plant seeds for Future.

As a result of the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic lock downs, we have been exploring new ideas.
In our long-standing partnership with The Star Literacy Programme, and with their donation of books, we have put together exciting mobile toy and book libraries for the children. Many children in our community don’t have access to books or any educational resources at all, making it impossible for them to continue their learning process while the schools are closed. This inspired us to create these boxes filled with books, educational games and toys. To make these mini libraries accessible, we distributed the boxes to our Creative Works facilitators and some of the parents in the Stanford and Masakhane communities. 
The children can now go and borrow a book or a game from a library box close to home, and enjoy it with their families. We want togrow this Vision and distribute 100 mobile libraries to the communities in Stanford and Masakhane with the aim to make educational resources available to many children in the Overstand. To help us come this Vision to life please contact us and/or donate books. Thank you to all our supporters.


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