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After school art program


The vision for our artist mentoring is to bring artists with a specific set of skills into our programs to mentor small groups of children towards creative, self expression.

Our aim is to give children and youth from under resourced and vulnerable back rounds the opportunity to build up artistic and life skills in the mentoring sessions.

The program started in 2018 in the framework of facilitation children at die Bron primary for the Western Cape department annual art celebration with the vision to give the learners an opportunity to show their skills and share their emotions on a wider platform. During the duration of the facilitation we realized that there was a real need among the Stanford children to share their inner world through creative expression and use art as a healing tool.

We also found that the group process was very important and essential for the children’s development. The program does focus on giving children who are really committed and want to be in the art groups a chance to participate and explore their creativity. This program is still crowing and evolving and we are with it. We want to thank our artists and drama teacher that are currently sharing this journey with us: Neil drama, Neil Jonker, Catch, Sanette Upton, Sebastian, Ntando Sebele and a big thank you to Die Bron primary.




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If you are interested in a workshop or would like to be involved or just stay updated with our progress, we’d love to hear from you!  Please email or call us, or fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

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