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In response to the Covid19 pandemic and the National lockdown, we have been focusing on supporting families in our communities with food supplies and educational activities for the children. We feel it is important to support children emotionally through this time, and to keep them positively engaged. We are therefore distributing art, craft and educational activity packs to the children during the lockdown. As a long term response to the emotional and economic effects of this challenging time, we are also planning to offer programs that will build resilience and emotional wellbeing for children and youth in our communities.

If you want to support our Covid-19 lock down efforts please donate or contact us directly.

For official advice & information about Covid-19, please see the South African Government website:

Our Mission

Using Creativity as a Tool for Transformation

Our mission is to provide holistic support for young children, their families, caregivers and teachers in order to assist them in building social and emotional skills as a foundation for life. We offer programs to enhance teaching and learning, in an educational and community based setting in Masakhane, Die Kop and Stanford in the Overberg region of South Africa.

Creative Skills Factory is a Registered NPO (NPO 200-368) and a Registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO 930064052)

Our Vision

We want to see children and youth  thrive, engage and participate to their full potential in all aspects of life. Our drive is to see quality educational programs and therapy services being available to all communities in South Africa. 

Many young children in under-resourced communities struggle to develop the basic skills needed to engage in learning. This is due to a lack of early stimulation and emotional nourishment in communities who are dealing with trauma, violence and poverty with little or no access to resources, and where children are often unsupervised, and parents are unsupported. 

We believe that when we provide children with holistic support in their early years of development and give caregivers tools to enhance their children’s development via play, movement ,sensory stimulation and LOVE we can set children up for long-term success in all aspects of life.

Using movement, sensory stimulation and play activities to enhance children’s early Development.

Our Programs

Early Learning Programs

We provide support to teachers and caregivers through the schools through ECD & Foundation phase programs and interventions, caregiver workshops and teacher workshops.


Extra Mural Programs

Utilising different art and cultural forms such as music, poetry, film making, painting, mural art, theatre, dance and horse riding as a tool to stimulate social development of community children and youth, simultaneously optimising and benefiting both the people and the natural resources of the area.

School Holiday Program

We offer a safe but stimulating space for children aged 5 to 13 during the school holidays.


Occupational Therapy Services

Creative Skills Factory is led by Regina Broenner, an Occupational Therapist. Occupational therapy services are provided to individuals and groups.

Future Initiatives & Visions

Our future vision is to create The Play Bus, a mobile education and play centre that aims to reach children and their families in under-resourced areas all over South Africa / the Overberg, while offering educational activities on a regular basis or in the form of workshops and projects.

News & Events

Thank you Butterfly Art Project

Thank you to our friends from the Butterfly Art Project in Cape Town for donating 100 ‘Florence and Watson’ activity treasure booklets to the children in Stanford and Masakhane. The

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Open Workshops

” Too often we underestimate the power of touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear , an honest compliment or the smallest act of caring, all of which

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Lockdown Art Competition

In the framework of our activity pack initiative we have been running a lock down art competition over the past few weeks. Children are encouraged to draw pictures from their

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Lockdown Activities

The Creative Works team has been putting together activity packs for Stanford and Masakhane since the start of the lock down in March. The aim for the packs is to

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Getting Involved

If you are interested in a workshop or would like to be involved or just stay updated with our progress, we’d love to hear from you!  Please email or call us, or fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

+27 (0)76 375 7116

Make a Donation

Creative Skills Factory is entirely funded by the generosity of our donors.  Just R150 can make a big difference in the life of some of our most vulnerable children.

Creative Skills Factory is a registered NPO and PBO and s18A certificates can be issued for all donations.