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Activities & Worksheets

Over the years we have compiled a variety of resource materials. Download our resource files here.

Check back soon as we continue to update and add resources to this page.

Hand & Colour Sense

Enhance your child’s hand and colour sense with everyday materials.


Enhancing children’s motor skills with everyday materials.

Playdough Activities

Activities to do with your child to develop hand and finger skills.

Pre-writing Activities

Writing in sand is a sensory activity which helps prepare your child to learn to write letters, words and numbers.

Sensory Stimulation

Early learning activities  designed for young children from 3 to 6 years old in a home or classroom setting.

Paper Plate Activities

Using waste and recyclable material for education – a handbook for teachers and parents.

School Readiness Information

How can you help your child develop all the necessary skills to prepare them to start school

Playdough Worksheet

How to make playdough at home, plus simple exercises using playdough to enhance dexterity & touch

Painting & Drawing

How you can help your pre-school children practice with simple painting & drawing activities at home