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Drumming workshops with Ulric Roberts also known as Namasun and Ronesca Cloete in Stanford


Last week we had the privilege and pleasure to bring Namasun and Ronesca to Stanford for some wonderful drumming facilitation at Die Bron Primary, Okkie Smuts primary, Fynbos Academia as well as Funimfundo preschool. We had some very special sessions with the children at the different schools and want to say thank you to our funders the Amani harmonic foundation, the Regina foundation as well as Micasa Tours CC as well as the local schools for the great collaboration.

In Ulrics words: Drumming is an effective exercise in the sense that it builds a positive self-image and allows learners the freedom to express themselves while participating in a joyful and positive group activity.

Each workshop took the shape of a drumming circle and the children were drumming together being lead by Ulric. Every learner had access to  an African djembe drum. The learners were educated about the African djembe and Ulric introduced them to the basics of drumming. Ulrics facilitation explored sound and rhythm and it was evident that the he children enjoyed themselves very much. Drumming is an activity that stimulates the brain and besides the joy that comes with the activity it also teaches children valuable skills.

Auditory perception is enhanced and the kids have to listen and copy sound and at the same time coordinate their right and left hand with the rhythm that the facilitator is teaching them. Listening skills are a focus of the drumming circle as everyone has to work together and listen carefully to each other. The experience of working as a team and producing powerful rhythm can change and enhance the energy of a group setting in a very positive way.

We are very grateful to have had the opportunity for such wonderful, enriching life experience for the children of Stanford and hope to continue the journey of bringing creative approaches into our daily approach to education.

Thank you everyone involved.




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