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ECD – teacher training with the Flower Valley Education trust in Masakhane


Our collaboration with the Flower valley ECD team is continuing with a shared passion for developing teachers and community practitioners . This months we were invited to facilitate a workshop for 17 ECD teachers at the good Hope ECD center in Masakhane.

The Teachers and home visitors came together from different locations all run by the flower valley education trust team. The theme of the workshop was the early development of the child from 0 to 2 years. We spoke about the developmental milestones in the first year of the child’s development as well as about the importance of tummy time for developing core strength and furthermore about the different domains of development.

The workshop was well received and we really enjoyed the interaction with the teachers and the community workers. It feels good to work together towards equipping practitioners in the field with knowledge and tools to support the children they are working with on a daily basis. We all grow and learn through the process and share knowledge on the way. Thank you to everyone involved.


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