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Stanford Festival of Community Arts


“As we let our own light shine,
we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same”

Nelson Mandela

This year was full of surprises, it was different, unexpected, unique and challenging.

Under the cloud of the COVID-19 Pandemic, our Village went through some challenges, but many positives in the past few months too and friendships and human connections were formed.

None of us thought that we would have a “celebration” in 2020 but when we received support from the Western Cape Government’s Department of Arts and Culture and the support grew, with more from the Amani Harmonic Foundation, Wesgro and others, including many individuals in our Village of Stanford, we put our heads together and decided to continue our efforts in establishing the Stanford Festival of Community Arts 2020; a continuance of our 2019 Festival of Light.

We made adjustments to our original plans, put on hold when the Pandemic started, to adhere to the COVID-19 regulations to keep everyone taking part in the facilitation and visiting the Celebration safe.

Our partners, NA-Beat Enterprises were on board and again joined us on this adventure that keeps evolving and growing from year to year.

This year, our weeks long facilitation was the special effort of a number of individuals and the beautiful children of Stanford and at the centre of the facilitation was the theme, human connection against the world-wide crisis we are all facing.

Let your light shine” is the message of this year’s arts facilitation.

Thank you to all our supporters to make this years facilitation happen. Thank you Department of Arts and Culture, Wesgro, Amani Harmonic, Stanford Festival team, Na Beat, Tribal Echo, Seven Bang media for wonderful footage, Ruskamer Stanford,Grootbos Foundation, Regina Foundation, MIke Gibbs and team, David Krut projects, Jungle Theater, Dodgeball team, Hopland Academia, Ou meul, Kiwinet, Kleinriver Cheese, Start literacy, Galashields Lodge, Stephan and Michelle Beyer Solom, Foud 4 Thought, Big Thank you to the NGK church , many individuals in Stanford and the creative works team.

photo credits to seven bang media, Mark Wessels . Eric Miller and Andrew Robb for pictures and film


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