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Artist mentoring in Stanford


The vision for our artist mentoring is to bring established artists into our programs to mentor small groups of children towards creative and self-expression. We want to give young children and youth the opportunity to build up their artistic and life skills in these valuable artistic sessions.

Sanette Upton is the artist who mentored the children from Die Bron Primary School in Stanford during the March 2019 school holidays. The Program was held at the Artist’s home studio in Stanford

Day 1:
Using pencil, charcoal, graphite and black and white craft paint, the group made an artwork from memory, sketching a street or a pavement activity as seen in their community.

Day 2:
Sanette discussed veld fires with the group and they spoke about their awareness of all matters concerning veld fires. The group had a lot of fun creating a collage by painting, cutting out and pasting an array of dried plant material, decorative paper, cloth and shiny trinkets.

Day 3:

Each participant created a painting on board using acrylic paint. The group picked garden flowers and spoke about the influence of color and line using the flowers as examples.


Sanette and the children had a feast on the fruit used in the colorful still life picture.

For art appreciation the group looked at the work and life of the artist, poet and sculptor Karel Appel as his surname is prominent and respected in Stanford.

The artist and the children want to Thank Alexandra Kennaugh from the Oak foundation for making this artist mentoring possible.




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