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Water colors in the open workshops

The theme of colors is extending from our early learning program into the open workshops were the children worked with lots of water color in the past few weeks. They made color rays on paper, explored color mixing, created butterflies and worked with printing flowers with water colors. The quality of watercolors brings a soft

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Learning through Play in our Therapy Room at Die Bron Primary

Our early learners had fun in the first term of this year. We all enjoyed working and learning inside our new space at Die Bron primary in Stanford. The first term was filled with activities around the theme of color and Body awareness. We worked with lots of movement activities including bean bags, ball skills

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Creative workshops

The creative workshops started in 2012 as a community based initiative in Stanford at Jenny October’s home with the support of DK projects, Rotary and the Stanford community. The underlying idea of the workshops is to create a safe space and offer extra mural activities to children who have little access to vocational and arts

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Milestones: our new therapy room

Thank you very much to Mike Gibbs for sponsoring our new therapy room at Die Bron primary. We are excited to be able from now on to work in a dedicated space for our work. Thank you to Die Bron primary for the wonderful collaboration. The room will be set up as a space where

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Creative Works at Hoopland Academy in Stanford

In the last term, we started to collaborate with the Hoopland Academy in Stanford. For more info see We have been working with the Hoopland team to enrich the afternoon care by offering art and craft activities for their learners. Thank you to the teachers and children at Hooland for a wonderful collaboration. We

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Fingerpainting at Funimfundo

Finger-painting is a fun activity to stimulate children’s dexterity, sensory awareness and overall hand skills, as well as colour knowledge. This week our early learners were working with the theme of spring. The children were working in pairs on big butterflies. Each group was given a butterfly outline and the first step was to trace

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Creative workshops Stanford

Thank you to our creative skills facilitators, Rachel van Rooyen and Tuliswa Mandoyi, who offer twice a week sessions from the community hall in Stanford. We are very proud of what you do and how you have grown as a team. In the past few weeks the ladies offered puzzle building, creations from paper rolls,

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People who change our life

Over the past 3 months we had the privilege to have such a special person in our life…a person who changes the lives of the people she enters, our teacher in residency Rachel Adams from the UK. Rachel came with an open heart, a passion for teaching, a competent approach towards the children, lots and

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