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ECD – teacher training with the Flower Valley Education trust in Masakhane


We continue our collaboration and shared vision with the flower valley ECD – team  and have offered workshops on sensory stimulation, development of children’s drawing and observation skills for teachers and home visitors at Good Hope ECD centre in Masakhane. We talked about the sensory systems of touch, sound, taste, sight, smell as well as the proprioceptive and the vestibular system. The teachers were invited to explore the sensory modalities through some practical , hands on activities which they can apply in the classroom or at the home visits they are doing in the community.

We introduced games for the Senses including the tactile and sound memory game , bean bags for Body awareness  as well  as a sand/bean box for tactile stimulation towards pre – writing skills.

Our aim is to support and nurture teachers , give them simple yet effective tools for their classroom as well as observation skills and fundamental knowledge towards holistic child development. Thank you Flower Valley ECD – team for the wonderful collaboration . We are looking forward to continue this journey with you.




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