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End of year outing

Our end of year outing with the after school groups (Grade 4 and 5) was fun and we all enjoyed a walk and picnic at Stanford Hills farm. Thank you to Stanford Hills for making the farm available to our groups. The outings are always ugly anticipated by the children in our groups as they

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Drama Performance at Die Bron Primary

Neil Cave, a qualified drama and English teacher with 26 years teaching experience offered drama groups in 2019 in our After-School Program. Thank you Neil it is wonderful to have you with us in 2019. The Drama Program was aimed at the Senior Primary section of Die Bron Primary School. Initially it was thought that

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December Holiday Program

In December this year, in Stanford, the creative works team facilitated workshops every day over the first three weeks in December; a total of 15 workshops and in Masakhane, 10 workshops were run every day over the first two weeks of December. A total number of 544 children attended the workshops during these school holidays. 

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Richard Rohr : The Creative Life

When you were a child, you knew yourself to be cocreator of the universe. But little by little you forgot who you were. When you were a child, everything was about color. Now you pick black as your automatic font color, because that is the coin of the realm. When you were a child, you

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The door is wide open

The table is set. On it white pieces of cardboard, tins filled with paint, brushes, water, cloth, glue…. I hear the sound of voices and running feet coming towards me and the face of a teenage boy peaks into the room followed by his friends entering the space, giggling, pushing and looking down to the

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Creative works at HOPELAND ACADEMY in Stanford

Thank you to Hopeland academy in Stanford  for this years creative after school collaboration. We offered a variety of creative activities at Hopeland and the children created some beautiful clay bowls, elephant paper plate masks, birds, clay beads and necklaces. Hopeland is situated in the Stanford industrial area and educates around 60 children from grade

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Love the one creative force

A college professor had his sociology class go into the Baltimore slums to get case histories of 200 young boys. They were asked to write an evaluation of each boy’s future. In every case the students wrote, “He hasn’t got a chance.” Twenty-five years later another sociology professor came across the earlier study. He had

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Stanford Festival- a celebration of light

The classrooms were buzzing. There was tapping of feet, clapping of hands, the sound of drums and the melody of a flute in the air, mixed with the children’s laughter. A small group of children in the shade of a tree practicing their dance moves. Happy faces at the Creative Works week-long holiday program at

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Play with Colours

It was all about colour this week. The children worked on big sheets of paper, with food and watercolor as well as oil pastels. New nuances were mixed right onto the paper and the colours came to live. The process was exciting and aimed at giving space for freedom of expression. The children gained knowledge

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