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Art Facilitation of Entries for The Western Cape Department of Education’s “Children’s Art Celebration Competition” At Die Bron Primary School in Stanford

Creative Works facilitated art at Die Bron Primary School in Stanford from the 15th April to the 31st  July this year, working towards entries for the Western Cape Department of Education’s annual “Children’s Art Celebration” competition. This annual art celebration is all about acknowledging and celebrating children and their unique self-expression, creating a platform for

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Art and Craft in the open workshops

Over the past term the children have done some wonderful art and craft in the open workshops. We are using lots of recyclable material to stimulate the creativity of the kids who are attending the creative workshops. Art and craft activities have many benefits on a physical, intellectual and social/emotional level. Painting, cutting, pasting, drawing,

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Hands as a tool for Self Expression

Our Hands are central tools for every day live. We touch and we are being touched through and with our hands. We create with our hands. Our hands touch and feel the environment around us and send information to our brain which then gets translated into a responds which can be an action, spoken word,

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Creative workshops

Our creative after school workshops are running three times per week in Stanford at the Community Hall and in Masakhane where we were given permission to use a municipal room thanks to assistance from the Grootbos Foundation. The workshops cater for children aged from five to thirteen years old and are run by our community facilitators,

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After school art program

The vision for our artist mentoring is to bring artists with a specific set of skills into our programs to mentor small groups of children towards creative, self expression. Our aim is to give children and youth from under resourced and vulnerable back rounds the opportunity to build up artistic and life skills in the

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Clay as a versatile medium in our programs

Over the past term we have been working with Clay in our Early learning program as well as in the open workshops. Clay is a versatile medium and supports children’s skills development on many levels. The grade R learners at Funimfundo made their own clay beads from scratch and in the process rolled the beads ,

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Parents workshop at Funimfundo pre school

This term we again offered workshops for the parents at each of the ECD sites that we are working at. Thank you to the Funimfundo Grade R parents for all attending the workshop on how to stimulate your child at home with every day- recyclable material. We spoke about school readiness and how parents can

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Early Beginnings at the Butterfly Art Project in Cape Town

It is still dark outside. The Creative Works team is up early this morning and we are all very excited. This is the first day of our training with the Butterfly Art Project in Cape Town. After a long drive, we arrive at Capricorn Business Park where we are warmly welcomed by the Butterfly Art

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